1. fyeahwomenartists:

    Alicia Galer
    Barbican Conservatory Cacti, 2013
    Oil pastels, acrylic paints and watercolour pencils on paper

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  2. koolthing:

    ~. queen of fuck all .~

    Koolthing is the coolest. 


  3. wariogotze:

    me trying to cleanse the ghosts guarding City’s goal


  4. theskinnyartist:

    Sketchbook pages i posted on Instagram a few days ago!

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  7. them-witches replied to your photoset:Dinosaurs is really just the best show. 

    i never know if i love or hate this show

    The correct answer is love girl Alex. Love. 


  8. Dinosaurs is really just the best show. 


  9. oolongs:

    Galaxie 500 - Snowstorm

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