2. from my limitewd knowledge of gardening depending on what you are growing you can totally use “organic mulch” like clipping and leaves

    I will be planting lots of turnip greens, radishes, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, Spinach, and various herbs. My plan is to sort of let things grow wild some what. I have two spaces I grow in and one of them especially I am only around a limited amount of time so I just like things that I can pick and will grow back and just things i use the greens as well as the roots. I am also thinking of maybe growing some form of onions? Scallions potentially! 


  3. My garden!!!

    I’m about 13 weeks out from the expected first frost date. So next week I need to actually start planting some of the seeds for fall vegetables. Which leads me to an issue! Where can I get cheap (maybe free?) mulch? Is there a way I can make some of my own? I actually have access to the yard clippings of a pretty big lawn, can I turn that into some sort of mulch?


  4. I am excited to use this book. 


  5. 742365:

    back searched this b/c it’s p relevant to my thesis - this is edited from the original, because lord help us if photographers want credit for their work, here’s the source

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  6. stefiecakes:

    Self-portrait with dogs.

    This is so great stefie! 



  8. Those vegetables and herbs from my garden (Squash, Eggplant, Jalapeno and Green Tomatoes, and Basil) plus a small piece of Wild Salmon, Cellantani pasta, Mushrooms, Garlic, Olive oil = Lunch. 


  9. Working on some layouts and order for the polaroid zine as well as the lofi/disposable one. The latter being far closer to completion. 


  10. sadmusicforsadbastards:

    "All I want in life’s a little bit of love to take the pain away"

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