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  2. I once showed the site that lead to this book to a white friend of mine and she was so incredibly offended, probably because half the shit on the site was exactly all the stuff she liked and claimed. It was great really. 

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  3. fuckyeahthemountaingoats:

    the Mountain Goats - Pet Politics (Silver Jews cover)


  4. whenigodeaf:

    Jolie Holland, “Little Birds,” from Pint of Blood

    It’s times like these that I feel so small and wild
    Like I could disappear and never be found
    And I’m lonesome as a lonesome whippoorwill
    Singing these blues with a warble & a trill
    But I’m not too blue to fly
    No I’m not too blue to fly

    Cause the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs
    The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs

    This song is perfect.


  5. saskatoonjuneberry:

    Jollie Holland 


  6. shyspectres:


    Closed Coiled Net
    cotton cord and sewing thread
    From my recent exhibition, Brooklyn Nets.

    this is fucking insane.


  7. theflowerofmysecret:

    El baile  y el salón | Cafe Tacuba

    Yo que era un solitario bailando me quedé sin hablar mientras tú me fuiste demostrando que el amor es bailar…

  8. luxxury-fruit:


    "No dejés que amanezca, no dejés que la noche caiga, no dejés que el sol salga…"

    i’m feelin this!!!

    Cafe Tacvba is like the shit everyone, like seriously. 



  10. boogerbrie:

    Annie Pootoogook
    Woman at Her Mirror (Playboy Pose) (2003) 
    26 x 20 inches
    Pencil, ink, and pencil crayon on pape

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